We provide a home for the serious professional to develop their craft and arm them for longevity in the business. Our imagination-based Technique equips young adults with reliable and safe methods that truly nurture the artist within. The work explored in our studio builds confident actors who are prepared to work with other industry professionals of the highest caliber.


This class ignites creativity and encourages actors to use their imaginations, not their personal experiences, to build fully realized characters. Actors are encouraged to stretch their potential by exploring a wide range of dramatic and comedic roles from film, television and contemporary theatre. Our scene study class is the perfect outlet for young professionals to collaborate and continue their craft. Ages 13-18.


Prospective students are asked to audition for the Studio by emailing us their headshot, reel, and resume to be reviewed. For those who are currently without a reel, we ask that you send in a taped audition using a short scene of your choosing. Auditions can be emailed to

Upcoming Dates:
Saturdays, 10am-1pm
Winter - Jan 12th - March 30th
Spring - April 6th - June 29th (off for Memorial Day 5/25)
Fall - Aug 17th - Nov 9th (off for Labor Day 8/31)


For enrollment, contact the office at